14 June 2010

Voltergiest - Plotkin Road

Voltergiest - Plotkin Road - Available now from Beatport.

Microrave records CEO Voltergeist continues to be one of our favourite producers, and has just put out another awesome EP of "Nuclear Acid Dub-tech" entitled Plotkin Road. As with all Voltergeist's music, it's dubby, percussive, and full of gradually evolving ideas. His debut album contained a 10-minute track with a 72 bar breakdown. It is awesome. This EP's quite an evolution from his first works though, and take on a much more tribal, jacking sound. The title track's full of dub stabs and reverbed percussion, but drops in with fat kicks and Berghain-esque bass that quickly sends everything hectic. Ectoplasmic Overlord returns to the "haunted dub" sound that he does so well, with a fractured drumbeat, and spooky samples creeping through the backdrop, before it all gets mad hectic and jacking again. Pure dancefloor killers.

The most interesting aspect of Plotkin Road is the tension between the rigid, quanitized neatness of Ableton, and the essentially freeform, organic elements that make dub interesting. Closer Who Bites The Lions? stretches itself tight between four-to-the-floor riffs and loose fills, channeling a hectic punk energy and summoning up some serious dub. An awesome EP.

15% of all profits from this will go to CND. Buy it now from beatport.

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