3 June 2010

Ted Haggard Has a new Church

...And this one weclomes Teh Gayers, even if not without the smug condescension only the truly religious can muster;

"St. James is a church for sinners, for people who have hit rock bottom and people who want to help people who have hit rock bottom. It is not a gathering for the righteous, except those who are righteous by faith."

Rock hard bottoms and big gay-friendly openings aside, does this mean Ted is less fucked in the head (or face!) than he was?  Or maybe more? More honest, or more full of shit? I wonder if he'd be any less of a bawbag to Dawkins if he were to visit this church?

Who can say, who can care. One thing is for certain; he still won't be performing any gay marriage ceremonies.

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