28 June 2010

Dario Zenker - Insirer

Dario Zenker - Insirer / Peter Van Hooesen remix
Because no-one was making banging techno anymore.... Minimal mainstay Dario Zenker turns out a brilliant slice of minimal, dub-inflected techno, with melodic synth stabs rubbing up against deep clanky goodness - It's not a world conqueror, but a deep and polished DJ tool that'll be making it's way into my sets regularly, alongside the Norman Nodge and Levon Vincent. The Peter Van Hoesen remix on the flip proves why he's a name to watch out for, taking the polished futurism of Zenker's techno, and pushing it through a retro filter, pitting a rattly breakbeat against the minimal kicks, and speckling it with rave dirtiness. The melody's similarly fractured, with the lush chords of the original drowned in reverb, straining against the full on percussive battery, whilst a serpentine sub-bass weaves its way through the mix. It's hard-as-nails, and manages to unite both the intellectualism of techno with the Cro-Magnon simplicity of rave. Past and future united in the current zeitgeist; pretty much awesome.

Peter Van Hoeson on Boomkat
Dario Zenker Myspace

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