10 May 2010

The Worst Festival / Coalition Horror

Two to get your giggle on of a Monday afternoon:

The Worst Festival Ever

"The worst festival I’ve ever been to was Boardmasters in Newquay, which I was forced to review. It was on a beach with a surfing competition running concurrently as a load of inane bands played their depressing noise to tanned men in Hawaiian shirts who’d rather be watching Sublime or high-fiving their reflection in the mirror.
As bad as it was, I am sure I can imagine a festival that’s at least 400,00 times worse than this. Let me now, in my mind, curate the worst festival the world has ever seen. It will feature the following."

From Yep We Can

Lib Dems Force Tories To Have Gay Friends and a Composting Toilet

"With the two parties edging towards an agreement, Lib Dem sources say the Tories must demonstrate their commitment to progressive values by having lunch every day with an absurdly flamboyant gay man who will litter the conversation with repulsive double entendres."

From The Daily Mash

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