28 April 2010

Girly and Curvy

I'm not sure how I originally found Girly (probably NSFW), but reading the last few strips I feel a bit like I'm on drugs. I'm not sure what kind of drugs, but I'm confused and slightly excited, and the world seems further away, the clamour of responsibility and the maelstrom of worry quietened and calmed. Those sound like good drugs, right?
The strip is written by Josh Lesnick, who also runs Slipshine (definitely NSFW), a drawn-porn-portal "for fans of comics that are sexy, fun, and perhaps a bit silly".

Girly starts here, and the latest storyline kicks off here.

I was inspired to post here by the last few installments, but if I were starting anew, I'd be inclined to check out the archives.

 If you found the low level romance of Girly a bit tame - and if you like your webcomics more scifi and less sorcerous - you might also want to check out Curvy (NSFW).

Another strip with heavy gamer influences and a hefty dose of hallucinomorphic whimsy, Curvy follows the adventures of Anaïs as she discovers our world is not alone, or indeed safe. I haven't read as much yet, but what I have read is erotic, weird and strangely innocent.
Curvy is by Sylvan Migdal, the author of Where The Typos Og, but don't expect it to push the same buttons; this is quite a different strip.

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