11 January 2010

Today's news.

  1. You can download a stack of Notorious B.I.G's acapellas. From this site. I'm assuming this is entirely legal, whilst trying to make a dubbed-out bootleg of Kick in the Door.
  2. Flutes sound great with a shitload of Ping-pong delay on them.
  3. The world sounds better with a Buddha Box, and a couple of layered loops from it creates an awesome ambient performance. FM3 actively encourage this use of their product.
  4. You can double drop Little Rocks, courtesy of Dr. Ruth.
  5. The Ramones can be mixed into hip-hop and Ali Renault. http://bit.ly/7QdlOE
  6. Alec Empire is still one weird fuck.
  7. Grimly Wetfox has some interesting things to say about dreams, and makes excellent pop culture references in the process. Click to read.


  1. to be fair on dr ruth, it doesn't look like those rocks were ingested orally

  2. Lovin' empire's video, even if I'm not entirely sure what the point is.

  3. Haha. Niall you are closer to the truth than you might realize. Found a lot of bizzare x-rays while looking for one fit for photoshopping.
    Some x-rays are beautiful, some seem alien, some are... in the lack of other words; bat shit cazy.
    can find examples for most of them here: