7 December 2009

Minimal Schminimal

Turns out that beat-dismantler and tech-meddler .at/on, whose fractured soundscapes have become my late-night soundtrack, also makes some more four-to-the-floor techno. COTF has a four-track EP up on Deeplimit.net, a Ukranian net label dealing in off-beat, wonky and abstract techno. Tricksy, twisted minimal for free. Not for fans of Justice.

COTF's ep Extremist is getting some rotation at the moment, not least for the awesome cover art.
Direct Download COTFs Extremist EP

This compilation from back in November has some excellent moments too....
Direct Download 2years of Deep Limit


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  2. Oh, cool! .at/on is wicked. Can't wait to get these downloaded and have a blast.