14 December 2009

Fuck Simon Cowell

A Rage Against the Machine Christmas No 1 would be a great pop moment, The Guardian reckons. Metal Hammer and Kerrang! are obviously game.


  1. Yeah man! Nothing says 'fuck the mainstream' more than giving Sony BMG a big pile o' money!

  2. There's a few aspects of this though that I'm not keen on - both the X-Factor winner's single and RATM are released through Sony, so your coffers are going into the same pockets regardless of which tune you buy.

    And also the campaign on Facebook is called "Fuck You I Won't Buy What You Sell Me" - highly ironic that. Surely it should be called "Fuck You I Won't Buy What You Sell Me, But I WIll Buy That Other Thing You Are Selling Me'.

    Still, it would be a great symbolic gesture if it worked!

  3. I just like that it could annoy Cowell.

  4. Shite - I don't think it's gonna work :-( Someone said lately that people would have to buy the single three times each to compete with the amount of people who will be buying Joe MacWho's one hit wonder tripe. Then today on the facebook group the moderator put up a message saying it can't be bought more than twice per person or the charts will dismiss it due to suspicious buying patterns. Scuppered!

  5. actualy I tell a lie - here's the latest statistics form the nme's blog: UPDATE 4.20pm 16th Dec
    New press release from Betfair:
    "A Facebook group set up to prevent Joe McElderry from having the Christmas No. 1 single sensationally appears to be on the verge of success, with the chances of a non-X Factor No. 1 now odds-on, according to Betfair customers. Only two days ago, McElderry was as short as 1-6 on to be announced as a chart-topper this Sunday yet now his odds amazingly stand at Evens, with the price of a non-X Factor Xmas song triumphing just 10-11."
    Wow! Maybe it IS worth chipping in at the end.