17 November 2009

No Joke.

"UNOIKI is an upcoming platform for non-stereotypical electronic music, visual and related art settled between the cornerstones CLUB and ART.
The aim of UNOIKI is to build up a collective of individual, independent, but like-minded artists with an original and unique vision and promote these ideas under one banner."

- Unoiki Manifesto, Dr Nojoke.
Dr.Nojoke - 15-16 by UNOIKI
Nice. Dr Nojoke's forthcoming audio platform Unoiki is set to launch in the new year. Post-modern, reverb-heavy techno, sound-art, non-music concepts. Exciting stuff, and with the involvement of the excellent J-lab as well. Looking forward to hearing where this goes.
Undefinition. Non-genre. Post wave.
Storlon - Undefinition by UNOIKI

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