21 October 2009

Friends from Berlin pt. 3 - Fresh Poulp.

Man, I don't know where to start talking about these guys. Good people, good times, great tunes. They've got a fantastic selection of hip-hop, dub, electro and random weird shit. Very much pandering to our ethos of "play what you love." Everything is free, contribute if you wish.

Right now, I love Rafiralfiro, and will be playing it a lot. The guy mixes a lot of African and Arabic percussion with hip-hop, breakbeats, dubby sensibilities and pure simple electro. He also got us onstage in Berlin to freestyle, then joined us next to the bassbins for Disrupt.

Rafiralfiro - Live @ Net Audio Festival, Berlin, 09/10/09 from rafiralfiro on Vimeo.

We've said more than enough about Roots Ista Posse... a good guy with a wicked sub-bass .'Nuff respect.

Roots and Rafi's sets are both available over at www.fresh-poulpe.net. Also recommend the hot-off-the-presses Normaa EP.
Music to make you stagger.

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