15 October 2009

Berlin comedown part1

Okay, I've been slower about this than Boag, but a particular favourite of the festival was .at/on. Or Anton, as we called him. He's from Kiev in the Ukraine, and puts out a mixture of creative commons downloads and limited hard copies. His sound's a mind-melty, clicky style of dub; think Vladislav Delay, Andrew Pekkler, Pole, Mapstation.

He's got a brand new album out two days ago, which you can buy through his myspace. There's a brief medley of it here.
Post (medley) by .at/on

Check out When Satellite Signals Violate Into Night Dreams, his album from earlier this year - it's a free download from here. http://www.mikroton.net/files/md6.zip

Man, this stuff is pure brain-melt - beautiful and intricate, but almost aggressively complex. I love it. We have his entire live set recorded.

Open your minds.


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