6 September 2009

If Evolution is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve

Richard Dawkins has written a book on evolution.
He's already done that, of course. This time, however, he's not assuming you accept the theory and is setting out to convince you.
The Greatest Show on Earth is meant to expose people to the evidence he finds so utterly convincing, evidence he has so far taken as given. As he says in the video on its Amazon page, 40% of Americans still do not believe in evolution, a weight of numbers he does not think would last a proper education on the subject. He intends to give that education.

Dawkins was recently quoted in The Times (which I saw on Derren Brown's website) saying “I would like to see my books translated into Arabic. They haven’t been."

Maybe this could be the first?

His website is currently banned in Turkey, which is at least among the most secular Muslim countries. Even a century after Atatürk Dawkins is controversial there, due to the challenge he unashamedly poses to the religious beliefs of the largely Muslim population. Much of his work is censored, and the local publisher of The God Delusion was threatened with arrest for blasphemy.

Maybe this book, on a less aggressively irreligious topic, might be more accepted?

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